No Complaint Procedures are followed in shopify.

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Hello All,


i have open shopify store recently create website (bought domains and everything from shopify) started selling product which was Hand sanitisers at the cheapest price in the market also product was made in uk with all legal certificates and other requirements fullfilled done facebook marketing,google ads marketing,youtube marketing basically do allmost everything to grow our business on trust of shopify thanks to all above marketing platforms we started doing good started deliverying orders it was like very good responces from customers worked about 4 days perfectly and suddenly after 4 days website gone down can not access store at all and suddenly started facing customers complaints about chasing deliveries unfortunately could not check anything becouse i could not access my own store not even to check orders so i could reply to customers about status of delivery unfortunately been told to wait for 24-72 hours i kept calling shopify so called GURUS everyday but could not get exact reason why and whats happening everytime i call them they use to give different reasons finally today i got email from their risk team that they can not offer us this service and can not allowed me to use store at all and closed my account becouse they said the business i am doing is risky but my question is why dont they do this when we register so we dont waste money on marketing we have hold stocks becouse we were getting orders continues so now we lost business marketing money and bad reputations from customers still some of the customers are complaining and asking for refunds becouse when they go online to check our website its down not working at all kept saying this store is not available they did not even put one reasonable message like we are working on it coming soon or something. I spoke to so call GURU name GUY yesterday he totally refused to pass me to his manager also did not take any complaint and did not explaint me properly how to make complaint basically seems like shopify does not have complaint procedures in place if there is complaint procedures i would request shopify expert or management to declare complaint procedures and put here on publicly.


I have also requested for lose of business claim but he refused.


i am puting my chat with GUY yesterday i literally beg him to help me to atleast talk to his manager and log complaint and provide me complaint number but he did not done any of these check chat then you will understand what i am trying to say.


22:58 Sanjay: Are you there?

22:59 Sanjay: atleast reply me yes,no,wait,ok something so i know it’s still live

22:59 Guy: hi there yes I'm here I'm just confirming the information above

23:00 Guy: thank you for confirming the email above.

23:00 Sanjay: Ok

23:00 Sanjay: now?

23:00 Guy: now I'm looking into why you're account is locked. Thank you for being so patient.

23:01 Sanjay: no problem check please

23:01 Guy: yes, I said above I am checking.

23:02 Guy: did you receive an email from the risk team with information as to why your store was placed under investigation?

23:02 Sanjay: No when did they send?

23:03 Guy: one moment I will confirm when it was sent to you.

23:04 Sanjay: Send me again on now if you can please

23:06 Guy: I will see what I can do once I find the email. I'm just going to confirm with the risk team that this was sent out to you.

23:09 Sanjay: image.jpg

23:10 Sanjay: Is this email you talking about?

23:10 Sanjay: Which I recieved 3 days ago

23:10 Sanjay: After that i spoke to JAY yesterday

23:11 Guy: Ahh I see, thanks for that information. Yes that is the email I'm referring to. And you're right, it's been longer than the expected time period for them to get back to you. We are currently extremely busy due to Covid19 so our wait times at the moment are a little longer than usual. What I'll do is message the risk team now to see when they are going to be able to get back to you on this. This will just take a few minutes.

23:12 Sanjay: Mention step has been done yesterday from JAY check notes he allready asked that information to risk team

23:14 Sanjay: And I confirmed with JAY that if risk team or shopify has blocked my account or what and he goes its technical problem otherwise when shopify locked account i can access store atleast but in this case i can not access anything

23:14 Guy: I see that yes, other than checking in with them there isn't much we can do. The information on why the store was placed under investigation is sensitive and we as gurus don't have access to it which is why we ask the risk team.

23:14 Guy: yes, when your store is under investigation you're not able to access it through this time.

23:14 Sanjay: So it’s under investigation from shopify not technical problem? If yes why JAY told me something else?

23:15 Sanjay: Call them and ask them now

23:15 Sanjay: As a guru if you can’t do something to resolve this can you please put your manager on chat

23:16 Guy: yes it's under an investigation it's not a technical issue.

23:17 Sanjay: Then why JAY told me something else? Anyway can i talk to manager please?

23:17 Guy: I have just asked the risk team for you now we should have a response in the next few minutes.

23:18 Sanjay: Ok let’s wait few more minutes if we get possitive response

23:18 Guy: I unfortunately can't add anyone else to this chat, however we should have a response from the risk team soon.

23:18 Sanjay: Otherwise be ready for next step please

23:18 Guy: someone from the risk team is looking into this for us now.

23:19 Sanjay: Good explain him yhe sitiuation please as we are waiting morethen 3 days and it’s extremely urgent

23:19 Sanjay: Atleast inform him

23:21 Guy: so what she has said is that she will be sending you an email in a few hours updating you on the status of your account.

23:22 Sanjay: Why not now?

23:22 Sanjay: As it’s 00:22 at midnighthere in uk

23:24 Guy: because she is currently helping other merchants just like yourself and she will get to your ticket ASAP. Again, we are extremely busy due to Covid 19

23:24 Sanjay: So other merchant is more important then me?

23:24 Sanjay: Is other merchant waiting for morethen 3 days?

23:26 Guy: I cannot confirm this, but would assume so, yes.

23:27 Sanjay: Ok that’s fine then i will wait

23:27 Sanjay: Meanwhile can you please log complaint?

23:29 Sanjay: What would happen to lose of business?

23:32 Sanjay: Hello Guy? Are there?

23:33 Guy: It's written in our terms and conditions that we're able to place any store on our platform under an investigation if the system thinks necessary. You can have a look in our terms of service to see this if you need. It's to ensure no fraudulent activity is happening on our platform.

23:33 Guy: Yes Sanjay, I'm still here.

23:35 Sanjay: Understandable but after reviewing what if no fraudulent activity is happening?

23:36 Sanjay: Also i have asked you to log complaint please?

23:37 Sanjay: Becouse i am taking this matter very siriusly and will go to court if needed so can you please talk to your manager or sinior authority about my complaint and update me please?

23:38 Guy: then your account will be active again and you can continue business as usual. Feel free to consult legal advice if need be.

23:38 Sanjay: Did you talk to your manager?

23:38 Sanjay: Did you log complaint?

23:40 Guy: What specifically would you like me to mention to my manager?

23:40 Sanjay: The way my problem handle still got no reply?

23:41 Sanjay: And get his name please

23:41 Sanjay: Ask him if he can help me and resolve this matter before we take it further?

23:41 Sanjay: About los of business?

23:42 Sanjay: Make him or her aware about the situation i am facing

23:42 Sanjay: And let’s see if he can help me

23:42 Guy: I'm not able to hand out my managers name. They also not able to see the situation of your account as I mentioned above, it's sensitive information to be discussed between yourself and the risk team only.

23:43 Sanjay: I am not talking about decisions i am talking about how the problem handle

23:43 Sanjay: Atleast ask him about los of business?

23:44 Sanjay: Why can’t you give me name of manager what’s wrong?

23:44 Sanjay: Will i get this chat record yes?

23:45 Guy: Yes I understand, when it comes to your opportunity cost while your store is down you can discuss this with the risk team by responding to the email you will receive.

23:45 Guy: yes you will receive a copy of this chat :)

23:46 Sanjay: Otherwise they will say that our guru don’t have authority to authorise any los of business? Why can’t you speak to your manager and give me name?

23:46 Sanjay: Please talk to your manager now?

23:47 Guy: For privacy reasons I'm not able to hand out Shopify employees names on request.

23:47 Sanjay: I am asking about name of your manager who you going to speak and that’s not privacy

23:47 Sanjay: Or ask him to come on chat?

23:47 Sanjay: Or ask him to call me now

23:48 Sanjay: Or ask him to email me now

23:48 Sanjay: Did you speak to manager?

23:52 Sanjay: Hello Guy are you there?

23:52 Sanjay: Why are you not replying?

23:53 Sanjay: I think you being recist can you please ask your manger to talk to me?

23:53 Sanjay: Racist*

23:54 Sanjay: Hello

23:56 Guy: unfortunately I'm not able to give you his name. Nor do I think it would be relevant as this case is being managed by our risk team and he has no access to the account. When it comes to placing a complaint I can enter in what is called a merchant frustration for you which will get added to our list of improvements we can make with the platform but when it comes to loss of business dues to your account being placed under an investigation you agreed to these terms and conditions when you signed up with us. Additionally, I apologise if you think I'm being racist, but I'm not sure what I would have done to make you think this.

23:57 Sanjay: You make me think that becouse i am keep asking you to talk to your manager you kept ignoring and not letting me talk to him

23:57 Sanjay: Can you please ask your manager to talk to me now

23:58 Sanjay: Nor you making complaint

23:58 Sanjay: I want you to ask your manger to talk to me also log complaint and give me complaint number?

23:59 Sanjay: When customer want to make complaint you don’t decide whether i should make complain or not your job is to make complain and give me complaint number that’s it then someone will investigate this

0:00 Sanjay: You can not stop me talking to your manager or can not stop me making complaint

0:00 Sanjay: So please do both

0:02 Guy: Firstly, I have not ignored your question. I have responded to the same question many times now. I secondly have not been racist to you. I am not a racist person and in order for me to be racist towards you I would first need to know your race and in this chat that is impossible to find out as we are communicating over text. I also physically do not have the ability to add or remove anyone from this chat. If you're looking to complain then feel free to leave a response in the email which you will receive after this chat ends.

0:02 Guy: I never said you could not make a complaint either, this was also never mentioned in the chat.

0:03 Sanjay: Ok that’s fine make complaint now then on this chat and give me complaint number?

0:03 Sanjay: Also please ask your manager to contact me if you can not add to this chat

0:04 Sanjay: By the way my name is sanjay and i told you name at the beginning now you know how you can be racist

0:04 Guy: we don't have a complaint number sorry, we have a support number which you can call, but you will be directed to someone like myself who will give you the same answers I have.

0:04 Sanjay: Still if you saying you not racist yhen please let me talk to your manager anyhow and make complain please

0:06 Sanjay: Then i need your complaint provedure did uou know about complaint procedure?

0:06 Guy: It would be racist of me to assume your nationality by only learning you name. Are you saying that Sanjay is only used by a certain nationality? I know this not to be the case and in fact, one of my good friends has the same name as you.

0:07 Sanjay: Ok then behave like good friend

0:07 Sanjay: Just do two things and job done

0:07 Sanjay: Let me talk to your manager and make complaint that’s it

0:08 Guy: I have already mentioned that I will raise your complaint with our merchant frustrations. Otherwise, let the risk team know about your complaint via email and they will get back to you with a response.

0:08 Sanjay: Meanwhile let me remind you that i am still waiting for reply from your risk team is she still busy with merchant?

0:09 Sanjay: But i want to make complaint about guru how JAY and you guys handle this problem giving me false information

0:10 Sanjay: Either one of you are wrong now how would i know who is wrong and who is right so i will have to make complaint wouldn’t i?

0:10 Sanjay: Also i would like to have call records about this problem

0:11 Sanjay: I am not going anywhere untill I don’t get all of above

0:11 Sanjay: 1-i want to talk to your manager

0:12 Sanjay: 2-complaints procedure policy or complaint number

0:12 Sanjay: 3-reply from risk team

0:12 Guy: Again, as I have mentioned above. If you would like to complain about Jay then find the email transcript which was sent to you via email and place a service response from inside the email. Same goes for my service, feel free to place a response wth the service you received in the email you will receive after this chat ends.

0:12 Sanjay: As i am fred up to be honest with you everytime i called i have been told something different

0:13 Guy: Again, as mentioned above the risk team will respond to you in the next few hours.

0:13 Sanjay: That is opinion or review i want to make complaint why don’t you try to understand

0:14 Guy: what have Jay and I said that is different? I'm intrigued.

0:14 Sanjay: You said earlier that she is looking one merchant and replying me so now ask her what is happening?

0:15 Sanjay: JAY told me that it’s not shopify who stop or blocked my account otherwise normally i could access store atleast that’s why this is technical problem and we are looking into it and you said something else

0:15 Guy: 1) this is not possible
2) you can leave a complaint like I mention above (many times now)
3) Again, this has been answered above.

0:15 Sanjay: Now can you please ask your manager to talk to me?

0:16 Sanjay: Why talking to your manager is not possible?

0:16 Sanjay: Why can’t you explain me the complaint procedure or make complaint?

0:16 Guy: she is dealing with more than just your issue, she is a very busy woman (especially during Covid 19) and will get back to you and look at your case ASAP

0:17 Sanjay: This is becoming very sirius now so before you say anything please double check with your manager

0:17 Guy: I have told you the complaint procedure, please read above.

0:18 Sanjay: Ok send me link or email or any short of contact details for complaint?

0:19 Guy: You will receive that information as soon as the chat ends via email.

0:20 Sanjay: I want all of above information first then i will finish this chat otherwise no one is coming back and it’s taking hour to reach out to you guys

0:20 Sanjay: Sending some exaple of complaints procedure link from government of uk

0:20 Sanjay:

0:22 Guy: Thank you for this, however we are not the government of the United Kingdom..

0:22 Sanjay: According to uk law you must have got a complaint procedure and whenever customer ask for complaint you must log complaint or give full information like contacts for registering complaint so can you please atleast ask your manager about complaint procedure as now i want to make complaint about you that you not giving me information i am asking

0:22 Sanjay: But this is law

0:23 Guy: Yes we do, the complaint procedure is mention above.

0:23 Guy: mentioned. *

0:24 Sanjay: Ok explain me what is dedicated complaint contact procedure what is phone number or what is emaill address?

0:24 Sanjay: Or can you take complaint here on chat?

0:24 Guy: again, you can leave a complaint by using the link which will be sent to you in the email after this chat ends.

0:25 Guy: feel free to leave your complain on this chat too. it's been recorded and you will receive a transcript of it once the chat ends in the same email I mention above.

0:25 Sanjay: I did reciev 2-3 emails but none of them are including complaint procedure

0:26 Sanjay: I want to register complaint and need someshort of complaint number

0:26 Guy: please look again, it's called the smiley rating I believe.

0:26 Guy: I can give you the number to our support line if you like?

0:27 Sanjay: No i need complaint number or email but before that i want yo talk to your manager if your chat doesn’t allow you to add that’s not my problem

0:27 Sanjay: I am not doing charity i am paying for service you giving

0:27 Sanjay: So can you please ask your manager to talk yo me please i requesting you to do that

0:28 Sanjay: image.jpg

0:28 Sanjay: This smiley things are for an experience not complaint

0:29 Sanjay: I want to talk to your manager please please please please please i am begging you

0:31 Guy: Once you select a smiley rating you will be prompted to leave either a compliment or complaint. I have already let my manager know of your request.

0:32 Sanjay: Ok thanks how long for him to come on chat?

0:32 Sanjay: image.jpg

0:33 Guy: As mentioned above, it's not possible for him to come onto the chat.

0:33 Sanjay: Even after secting smiley can not have complaint things only experience i can submits i want to make proper complaint please help me

0:33 Guy: yes that is where you can leave a complaint.

0:34 Sanjay: Then ask him to call me or send me an email now?

0:34 Sanjay: So i can contact him directly or send me his number?

0:34 Sanjay: So i can call him now

0:34 Guy: I have mentioned above you can respond to the risk team regarding your complaint once you have received an email from them.

0:34 Sanjay: Seems like you don’t want to help me

0:35 Sanjay: I want to talk to your manager

0:35 Sanjay: Please let me talk to your manager i am begging uou

0:39 Sanjay: Can i please talk to your manager?

0:40 Sanjay: Are you there?

0:41 Guy: I've done everything within my power to help you, my manager is not able to help you either as our security team operates separately from Support regarding your loss of business complaint. Because I have done everything within my power to help you and this chat is now going around in circles I'm going to end this chat. As mentioned above someone from our risk team will be reaching out to you in the next few hours regarding the status of your account. In regards to any service complain you have, please feel free to leave them in the transcript you will receive after this chat ends. Thanks for reaching out to support and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

0:43 Sanjay: I want to talk to your manger

0:43 Sanjay: Please help me talk to your manager

0:47 Sanjay: Hello

0:47 Sanjay: Please let me talk to your manager

0:48 Sanjay: I know you are there reading my messages but not replying as you can not close chat from your side

0:48 Sanjay: So please reply me



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i would like to make complaint about how my problem handle plus i would like to claim lose of business so i request sinior management to reply me here on open forum so all can see whats happening.

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Yes I agree with some of your points but If you are telling they still does not implement this point then you are wrong because you can see here that they allowed this feature on there site now.