No More Phone Support for Shopify? Can't Get Support! Being Over-billed - July 2020

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For the past hour and a half I have been looking all over for a Shopify support phone number and I can't find anything. The old number I had is disconnected. Is it really possible that an e-commerce site has no phone support in 2020? Why the hell would I use this platform then!? I'm a busy small business owner who runs almost everything by himself, and now I have to spend hours looking through documentation in the "help center", just so that I can realize that my questions have still not been answered. No support email either? What kind of service is this! What a waste of my past two hours.

I did find a post on May 25 2020 indicating

"Please note the phone callbacks will be available depending on our current contact volume. If you don’t see the “schedule a callback” option, please reach out via another support channel and we’ll be happy to help!"

I didn't see any option for callbacks! "Please Reach out via another support channel"? What other support channel? No phone...not online chat...not even something as basic as a support email address! By "other support channel", do you mean writing a post on this forum? How is it that a big company cannot even properly direct their customers to reach another human being that can help use their software? 

On Shopify's plan pricing page, each of the plans has "24/7 Support" checked off. I'm paying for this plan. Where is the support? Do you mean by 24/7 support that I can write a forum post anytime, and hope that someone eventually contacts me? That's your idea of "24/7 Support"? That's a straight up lie. 

I would have cancelled my subscription right away if it wasn't for my outstanding questions which will likely go unanswered.

1. I'm being overcharged on my monthly bills. I looked at the "help center" article for my billing, but all it does it break down how the monthly bill is created. It doesn't help me understand why I was charged the amounts that I was.  I need someone from Shopify billing to call me back and explain these charges on my credit card. I'm on the basic plan and I'm getting charged much more than $29 USD per month. 

2. I have a question about temporarily hiding variants of a product. For example, I sell roasted coffee in 1lb, 3/4lb, and 1/2lb bags. So three variants per coffee type. I would like to know if I can temporarily remove the half pound variants (not remove it, but hide it from my store), so that I'm only selling 1lb and 3/4lb bags. 

3. Question about the pricing for one of the premium themes as well as one or two other quick questions 


I'll wait and see if I get a response within 24 hours (even though I'm paying for "24/7 Support"....they should really remove that from their Plan Pricing page). If no response, I have no choice but to remove my site, re-set up everything with another e-commerce site which actually allows you to speak to someone to get help (something Shopify used to do), either by phone (best), online chat or even just a damn email address. What a waste of time.








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Hello, @CoffeeMike !

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I do apologize that the callback feature isn't available at this current time. As that message had mentioned, the feature is only available depending on our current contact volume. You do have the option to contact our team via chat, email, Twitter or Facebook. You can be assured that we are working on it. We are trying our best to help every one - I am happy to help you out today. 

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, but it would be best to take this conversation to email so I can properly verify your store before I look into billing for your account. What I will do is reach out to you by sending an email to the email address you have on account for your Shopify Forums Community account. Be sure to reply back to that email so we can continue our conversation and so I can look into your store for you. 

I will be in touch via email! 


*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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