No Sales, Am I targeting right people?

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Love your niche - I used to run a store with similar products. I see you created this thread 2 months ago, how are things going now? 

Ronnie gave you some great tips. Focus on one platform, interact with your audience and see what works and what doesn't. Keep an eye on Shopify's blog, they recently posted an article about social media marketing strategy, defintely worth reading. 

Most imporant, keep at it. 95%+ of the people who don't succeed at first with their store simply quit, never finding out if they would have been successful if they were a little more persistent. 

Good luck! 

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I agree - invest into relavent micro-influencer, someone that will convince his followers that your products are awesome. 

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Im a young entrepenuer who is using the dropshipping method. I like to believe that I did everything I was supoose to to get sales and conversions, like creating a facebook page and buying facebook ads and also googe ads. Yet i get some viewers but litertally no sales conversions can someone help me out and check out my website? I need advise. My website is

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First of all, it is very important to target the right audience. You need to work more on your strategies in terms to attract customers,  keeping eye on your competitors could also help you out.

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Hey Charu,

I understand every business owner want sales on their website but its not as easy for a new brand. If you have newly laucnhed your website then i would suggest you to do some PR so that you gain some trust of your buyers. Once you have good online reputation you will start getting sales on your website. You can check one of the growing media brand Proche which can publish your PR for free.