No Sales but considerable number of Facebook shares

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Hello to all the Shopify experts out there!


I started my first online store Wind Chimes Melody ( a couple of week backs. So far, I haven't made any sales and I know it's gonna take some time to make your first sale.


However, there's something that bugging me so much. I ran a FaceBook ad yesterday and so far it has got over 100 likes, 1 comment and 22 Shares but NO SALES! I'm trying to figure out how is this possible? If people likes it so much why not a single person bought it?


I know that there are a lot of improvements that I can make to my store but this particular failed ad leaves a question mark. Would like your opinion. Thanks in advance!



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When you boost a post, FB is typically going to find people that "engage" but never pull out the wallet.  Don't boost posts.  Before you start spending more money on Ads, do you have the FB pixel installed ?  If not figure out how to get that installed first and then go into ads manager and run an ad campaign using your post vs. "boosting it".   An objective of "traffic" might work for you in the early going, but typically, if you want to start to find people that spend money, you need to run a campaign with a conversions/purchases campaign.   I don't have experience at an 8.95 price point but my gut is that it's going to be difficult to make money after paying for ads.  If you spend $, don't do more than $50 a day until you figure out if you can make a goes fast.   GLTY