No clue about shipping cost until proceeding to checkout?

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hello, im trying to figure out how to get the shipping cost on item pages?

there is nothing on any of my items that says how much shipping will cost, or where free shipping would go?

any help on this would be greatly appreciated. to be honest i've been reading and reading, and i'm still no good at this.

but i am trying. with only an ebay shop at the moment. this is completely different. would also be nice to be able to get all my ebay items over to this shop in one quick swoop.  thanks in advance.....justin

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Hey there, 


Bo here from Shopify Support.


Welcome to the Community! I totally understand where you are coming from, when starting with Shopify there is so much to take in, the learning curve is super steep. I'd recommend taking a look at our Shopify webinars for sure. These short tutorials take you through all the basics of creating a store such as adding products, variants, collections, theme changes and pointing a domain to your store. You should be able to sign up here if you would like. We also have a free business course with our Shopify Academy that I would really encourage you to look at if you get a chance. 


Now to take a look at your shipping issue. With most online shopping people would be accustomed to seeing what they will be paying for shipping when they get to the checkout part of their journey. This is because the system needs to know where it is sending the item, and how many items it is sending before being able to actually calculate what the shipping will cost. What is your current shipping strategy? Are you planning on offering free shipping? Do you send these items yourself or are you dropshipping? If you could let me know how you are planning on fulfilling your orders and how you would like to charge for shipping I would be more than happy to walk you through setting that up.


When importing products from eBay it is easiest done with the help from an app. I would recommend eBay Professional Importer as it is our best-rated app for this. 


Let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!


All the Best,


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This is an accepted solution.

Showing shipping on the product detail page makes limited sense because shipping will always be for the total cart not just that one item.


Some themes come with a shipping cost calculator that you can enable in the theme customizer on the cart page. If your theme doesn't have one, here's a tutorial on how to add one:

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You refer to "eBay Professional Importer " I took your advise, however I could not find anything about prices/subscriptions!! perhaps you could please provide a page URL for the pricing page?

Please advise, Regards Bruce