No customer address in order within Shopify

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To expand upon the title.

We have a store and the checkout page requires the customer to enter an email and address to then go and purchase the item.

When we viewed the order there was no shipping address and the billing address had the correct information except was missing a street name.

I have found this post that has a similar issue however I think this may be a bug with Shopify?


We resolved this issue by contacting the customer directly and they were able to get back to us.

It looks like the customer completed the form correctly except didn't correctly fill out the street input box (they put the number and not the street name).

Why would Shopify remove all the data in the shipping address if this was the case?

How can we prevent this from happening in the future?




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Confirming this to be an issue. Spent 30 min. on phone with customer attempting to resolve the issue and apparently after having entered it incorrectly once, none of the browsers she's used (Chrome or Firefox) allow entering the "Shipping address" now.

  1. In fact, Shopify only presents the "Billing address" while going through the checkout process.
  2. Made sure they were logged out and tried entering without using known customer account. No luck.
  3. Tried browser they never used with our store and same issue.
  4. After editing the address ourselves in the order, Shopify states Not able to deliver due to no Shipping address.

I intend to have the customer clear the cache on both browsers, but what doesn't make sense is that they only had tried using Chrome to enter an order. Because of # 3 above, I do not believe this to be a cache issue.  FWIW.

We really need for the Shipping address "Edit" process to work, if customer has incorrectly entered the address or omitted it entirely.