No logout at checkout PLEASE HELP!!!

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There is no log out button after customers purchase a product!!! There is only a continue shopping button. If you click that button and click the back button, it comes back to the the checkout page where the customer was therefore displaying the shipping information and last 4 digit of the credit card. If this is a public or share computer, it is a BREACH of personal infomation!


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You are able to add additional content on the Order Status page, so if you need a log out link (button, or other such content) you can do so.

For example:

<a href="{{ shop.url }}/account/logout" class="btn" style="margin-top:1em">Logout</a>


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Thank you but I believe we do not have access to the code of the order page. That's the issue. :(  Only shopify has access to that and it unreal that a customer will create an account and not be able to logout after buying something.

Any other suggestions?

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Hello! Paul here, from the Guru team.

Allow me to jump in here! Although you do not have full access to customize the pages in checkout, you can add the code that Jason so graciously provided to the "Additional Scripts" box located in Settings > Checkout! Just paste that code in that box and it will add a logout button to your Order Status page in your checkout. Pretty cool!


- Paul

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I discovered you can go to or add logout to the URL from the accounts page, and you will be logged out. It's not as convenient as a button, which I think most people expect, but it works. 

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Is account/logout supposed to clear the user session? We use the account/logout but next user who logs in still has access to previous users cart/checkout. 

  1. Log in as user A
  2. add items to cart
  3. go to checkout
  4. add billing/shipping address
  5. add gift card
  6. Dont checkout - go back to the homepage
  7. click logout
  8. User B logs into the same browser
  9. User B goes to the cart - all items are still in the cart
  10. User B goes to the checkout - gift card is still in the checkout, address is still in the checkout

Shouldn't account/logout clear all the users cookies? We cant clear all the cookies in any guaranteed fashion since many of them are marked as http only (so you cant read or update them from browser javascript). Its also error prone to know when to delete them. Ideally the previous cart/checkout data should not be available if:

  1. user logs out
  2. user closes browser (need to verify but I think cart is stored in a persistent cookie)
  3. User is inactive for some time (maybe 30 minutes user should get logged out and cart cleared)

Our app is for authenticated members only. We use locksmith to block access to all pages unless the user is logged in. Otherwise they see a login prompt for every page - really behind the scenes locksmith replaces the contents of the page with a login prompt if they aren't logged in but the page might still be /cart.