No longer receiving Shopify App notifications


I am no longer receiving the Shopify App notifications on my phone.  These are important to me as we have a website and brick & mortar store . .  and we need to get the stock off the floor asap on online orders.  

I have rebooted my iphone ... no change
I have uninstalled/installed the Shopify app again ... no change
I do have both the Shopify Admin and the Shopify POS apps on my phone. 
I have notifications ON in the Admin app and off on the POS app. I have also had both ON with no difference.  They were always both ON before when I was getting notified

This was working up to a few weeks ago.  Something has changed and I no longer get ANY notifications from either app on my phone.

We ARE still getting the emails however.  But these notifications help us alot as the audible 'ding' brings it to our attention when working in the store and we can get the 
product off the floor immediately.

Please help!


Additional notes:

  -  I have checked my Do Not Disturb on the phone, and that is OFF
  - The Notification Center and Banners are both ON in the Shopify App Settings under ALERTS

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Hi there,

I've just found a guide which explains how to enable push notification on Shopify. It's available for both Android and iOS, please take a look at it and make sure you follow the guide correctly. Hope it helps!

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.

This is an accepted solution.


Thanks.  I did walk through it step by step.  I was OK on the Shopify Admin side. 
However, I believe it was something in the mobile app.  When I went under App Settings/Notifications  it was just a blank, white screen.

I had to uninstall the app 2 times before I could get the notifications to display correctly.  I got a new phone about a month ago, iphone ES, and was getting the notifications after that, but something happened somewhere.  I must have done something..but can't figure iit out.  

The step by step made me go through it more aware of what I was doing.  So thanks, it helped and I'm getting my notifications now.