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We started a shopify store 21 days ago, With a Lingerie niche plus POD but no sales except a purchase I have Pinterest ads and instagram and signed for web conversions , I got over 100visitors, what can I do to improve , ?
shop is: www.dress4sex.com

Thanks in advance
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Hey there, @Dress4Sex 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


Congratulations on setting up and launching your store! So much work goes into doing so, so very well done! How did you find the setup process? You have clearly put a lot of work into this, so very well done. One pitfall that a lot of merchants fall for is making their store far too general and making it difficult to effectively target an audience. Now, all traffic is not good traffic. If you are experiencing a high bounce rate your ads may not be targeted enough. Take a look at this guide to help resolve this problem: How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Online Store. 


While your products are brilliantly curated and your pictures look amazing you could definitely work on the descriptions. The first thing I always look at when giving feedback on stores is the product descriptions. Anyone who is familiar with AliExpress or Oberlo will spot this right away and in doing so they will know that they can get the products cheaper elsewhere. With online stores, there are no sales representatives and so the products literally need to speak for themselves. Instead of listing your products' specs in your current format you should try writing descriptions that persuade the customer to buy the item. Why do they need this watch? How will it make their life better? I recommend taking a look at Oberlo's guide on writing a product description that sells here. This will also help you improve your SEO which will bring more traffic to your store organically.


I understand that there are certain limitations when it comes to advertising adult products. I wanted to show you this example of an adult store that overcomes this limitation. If you take a look at their social media also you will see how they use their Instagram stories, highlights and hashtags to show off new products and connect with customers. While advertising and posting may be limited with Instagram, that is not to say that it isn't a tool that you can utilize when done creatively. 


Check out this guide on marketing with Twitter. Twitter can be a really powerful tool when used correctly. With Twitter, there is absolutely no censorship so you are free to post any kind of content that you like which really opens your options. We also have this wonderful guide on increasing your traffic organically without paying for ads.


The pop up that tells the customer about what other customers have bought is actually quite annoying. It is the same two products for the same location on loop. I would get rid of this pop up altogether as it would not boost your conversions. 


While you do have a great niche, you have some random stuff is thrown in there that does not fit the brand at all. Watches, bracelets, ties, and glasses really do not fit with your brand. I would focus on what your brand is good at - adult products. 


All of your social media links are leading to the homepages of the networks as opposed to your social media profiles. Having a social media presence is incredibly important in eCommerce. You can check out our guide on building your presence here. Social media is a key aspect of digital marketing, helping businesses reach millions of customers across the world. Last year in the UK alone, 89% of people accessed the internet every week; 77% of these used it to research goods/services before making a purchase, and 60% to access social media. It’s estimated that, worldwide, over 3 billion people use social media every day. This means, if you want to grow your business, you need to start taking advantage of using social media for your Shopify store. You can take a look at our guide on social media marketing here.


Browsing through your page I noticed that most of your products are currently on sale. When a company offers a discount to their customers, they’re taking a big risk of devaluing their services. Customers can get the impression that the services being offered aren’t worth paying full price for. It also sets a precedent in the customer’s mind that your pricing isn’t firm. When promoting sales it is important to use scarcity and urgency to your advantage. If your store is constantly offering discounted prices it is not going to create any urgency, your customer won't see the need in buying right away as there is no end to the sale insight. It is great to see that you are offering free shipping, but offering free shipping for a limited time, as well as offering discounts for a limited time would be much more effective in getting those first few sales. Take a look at our post on using urgency and scarcity to your advantage for more information on this.


And one last thing, I would recommend getting rid of the background music in your store. It is very 90s and would be seen as an annoyance by most users, especially those who want to do some discreet shopping. Having music, especially this suggestive music playing loudly without warning from their device will have them leaving your store immediately. 


All the Best,




Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thanks a great deal !!

Will implement as recommended.

Thanks once more

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