No sales for this month...

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Hi everyone,

Anyone of you experienced having sales the previous months then no sales at all in the current month? Not specifically this month. Well, I have 6 abandoned carts for this month. (according to Google analytics) I just thought they are saving it for the holidays (Black Friday) but resulted to no sales at all. 

I did tried making a test checkout before and it's working. I also recieved sales with the current payment provider so I believe it's not the reason. 

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Hi there Everyday Moda team,

This is a common pain that most e-commerce businesses are facing, including myself. You can try an Abandoned Cart mechanism to see if it can help you.

I am using Flashchat in my own store and I am pretty happy with it.

Good luck!

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Yes, I have experienced it many times. That's just part of the process - for any business. What I do is spend this quiet time on moving the business forward - researching new suppliers, doing some customer and competitor research, working on my SEO or website design, write few blog posts - basically the important stuff that you usually don't have the time for during busy period. Remember to stay positive though, and keep in mind that the quiet period is just a phase that will soon pass. 

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This is normal for our Ecommerce biz. You should try Remarketing campaign, and email to remind customers about their abandoned cart. Actually, I often have actions based on Ecomfit's suggestions, you can try it.

Hope it helps,


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6 abandoned carts is very low. It sounds like you're not getting too much traffic.

Retargeting is a great strategy, but usually not positive ROI until you're getting at least a couple thousand monthly visits.

Abandoned cart emails are a must, those will recover a % of sales.

I would focus on:

1) Identifying your target audience and experiment with running paid traffic to that audience. Once you start generating sales, you can tweak your ads to generate a positive ROI

2) Create an affiliate program and look for influencers in your niche to promote you. You'll get traffic, referrals, social proof, and links... all will help to increase your organic sales.

3) With the increased traffic, you can setup retargeting (I have a few recommendations for various levels if you need help contact me).

Always be experimenting.

Enjoy the adventure!
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