Not getting any sales in any website! Some expert feedback please? :)

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Hello! First able, I'm pretty experienced in the e-commerce world, I have had plenty of stores (profitable and non-profitable), but because of lack of time had to switch to a less time consuming e-commerce strategy based on dropshipping, using Shopify linked to Oberlo. 


I haven't managed to get any considerable amount of sales in any of the dropshipping stores since I switched to this strategy. I pay Facebook ads and advertise in FB, Instagram and Audience Network with enough budget.


A few days ago we launched a new uni-product store with a handy keychain tool that avoids direct contact with door handles, buttons...etc

We sell and advertise in the spanish market, since it is one of the most affected by the virus. We have had plenty of traffic, and enough "added to cart" actions to at least register a purchase, but we haven't. Not a single sale. (we are using facebook ads and direct instagram marketing). 


Any feedback? Why is this happening every time? We put a lot of effort in the design of the marketing campaigns (in this case a video with the uses) and having a professional looking websites, but no succeed so far in Shopify. It is getting frustrating, we just keep losing time and money and starting to consider if Facebook Ads might be dead! 


Thanks in advance for the help :)