Not getting full payout

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I am experiencing a strange occurrence and I am not sure what to do.

#1 - I was sent an email saying I had a higher than 1% chargeback so I was placed a "partial reserve" status. But, I haven't had any chargebacks... Or if I had a chargeback, I was never notified anything about it.

#2 - I have a decent-sized "balance" that is also being withheld. I have a reserve of 25% of payments as I anticipated due to the email I received from Shopify. But in addition to this, there is a large balance that is not being "payed out" to me. So for example, I have a balance of $3,607.38 and reserve funds totaling $2,526.11. I would have anticipated my payouts to be chipping away at this balance, but my payouts are just 75% of my daily total (my next payout is $56.56 and not the 75% plus the balance).


Long story short, I am feeling targeted and pushed down. I got Paypal putting payments on hold until product is delivered and Shopify withholding a large chunk of funds... How can I get my business moving forward when shopify won't release my funds to me to move the product and Paypal won't release my funds either...