Not making sales. Help.

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My shop's name is Wicked Little Things.  I have been advertising on Facebook and Google.  I have gone through plenty of different sales and even offered free items to try to get a purchase and nothing has worked.  I have had about 500 vistors since opening and no sales.  I am ready to give up and pretty down about it.  Advice?



Here are some recommendations that can help you to improve the look and feel of your store:


  1. Try to change color spectrum. You can apply not a basic black but brighter. —> use colors close to black, but slightly muted so they won’t overpower the rest of the elements on the screen. There are a lot of articles with the examples. Here are some of them: ;

  2. Your logo is quite large. If you want to leave it that way, then place it in the center: In this case too much empty space will be removed.

  3. While you have a few reviews it will probably be better to remove review stars from the Collection and Home pages since they only distract from the products.

  4. The block with a text (ABOUT WICKED.....) can be transferred under the banner.

Product page

  1. Write a unique description to each product, if possible.

  2. It is difficult to understand where the button "Add to cart" is. ( As a minimum, you can add the border or shadow to it.

  3. It's worth adding a block with recommended or similar products.

  4. You have Online chat but it's not so easy to find it. You should try to change colors: (


  1. The text by the hover can not be seen:(

  2. You should change the order of the Navigation items. As for My Account items and Cart/Checkout , they can be put in the end and replaced by icons.

You have a link to the Instagram but it is empty. It's better when the social networks open in a new tab. Then the buyers will not leave your store.

I would start with making the store more attractive and then I would be engaged in advertising and content.


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Hello Leah,

I just visited your store from their I came to know that you sell Jwellery Type of Product for that you can consider selling through multichannel.This is the good option of earning good revenue.

I know the Walmart marketplaces where you will not need the UPC and you can upload your products and start earning good profit.You can integrate your store with Walmart Marketplace App your all the products and order would be managed.This is good time to integrate as hardly 12 days are left in christmas you would have very good sale on Walmart.


Thank You 



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Hi Leah,

Love the logo you designed, very attracting :D

In my opinion, you have a good design of the page. It conveys a dark and mysterious mood which I believe is your intention. However, there are some things you should consider changing or adding:

  • I couldn't see shopping cart icon on the top of the website. It is a standard to have your cart on the top and people are used to seeing it there. Now, when you have your shopping cart in your menu, is confusing people.
  • On drop-down menu, the text turns to black on mouse hover. It should be another color than black (This is not a major issue, just noticed)
  • Almost all buttons have black fill color and are merged with the the dark background, thus they're not standing out. You could try red as a fill color. It will be more visible and user's would not restist to click.
  • I noticed you don't use pop-ups. Instead of offering a free shipping on the top under menu, you can do it with a pop-up with a nice image added to it. The pop-up could appear after a few seconds that the user is browsing or when he/she intends to quit. The latter is called exit-intent technology which can detect when user is moving the mouse to close button and will immediately show a pop-up. You can build those pop-ups free on Backtocart

Wish you good luck!

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Thank you all, I appreciate your adivce.  I have made a few of the changes so far and I am going to continue to change things up.  I am debating going to a white background instead of black.

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Hello Leah, 

I can understand your frustration. I was also having the same pain while I was new in online selling and there was no one to help me out... but for the time being, I have learnt how to sell our products effectively.

Here on your question, I have read all the suggestions and trust me these all are very useful. I agree with all-  Arthur, San Peter, & Lilit. I am agreeing with them. But as a seller, I would like to suggest you sell on more platforms. Firstly as per the advice of 'Arthur' make your store like that after then try marketplaces. If you don't have any idea about marketplace then you can contact to any integration partner They can help you to manage your store with the marketplaces. 

Please don't take it as a promotional reply. As I prefer integration partner, therefore, I suggest you the same. These time there are so many marketplaces. You can start with them. Such as Jet, Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Fruugo, Tophatter, Pricefalls, Bonanza etc. For these marketplaces, integrations are also available. 

I hope, this will helps you a lot. If you have any query, you can raise here.

Great Thanks !!


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Thanks for sharing this tips for making the sales it was useful.

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Hi, Leah! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

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^^^ Giving a tip to a non-existant store?
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Even funnier that Shopify is promoting this as the topic of the day haha


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