Notes don't show up on invoice anymore?

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I'm I imagining things, or did you use to be able to add notes or comments to an order, and have those comments show up on the printed invoice of that order?  Now it looks like I can add comments but they only show up in the order admin area.

Am I missing something?



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Hey Mark!

Nicholas here, a shopify Guru :)

WIth the new timeline feature for orders, you need to hit the show comments box prior to printing the order, see the screenshot below to see what I mean. 

You also might be interested in one of our most popular apps, the Order Printer app (Link below). It allows you more control over what info is presented, and also the look and feel of the printed order. You can also print invoices, adn it's free too! Make sure to check it out :) 

Screenshot of Comments Checkbox:

Link to Order Printer App:



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Thanks Nicholas,

I do use Order Printer App, but I'm trying to figure out what variable to add to my template to get the comments that I make to an order to show up in the printed invoice.  

A customer can add a note to the order when they are checking out, and it will show up on the printed invoice, but I can't get the comments to show up too.



Hey Mark,

It seems the instructions provided above are incorrect. The bottom section of the Orders page is now only for internal discussions. Changing the "Show comments" box as suggested just shows/hides internal comments in the timeline.. not what you needed ;)

Further up the Orders page, you'll see a "Notes" box (to the left of the subtotal etc). Anything added in there will show up in the "notes" section of an order.

To have the note show up in your Order Printer document, you just need to place the following liquid into your template where you want it to show:

{{ note | newline_to_br }}

The last part just converts the line breaks you have typed in, into html line breaks so it formats correctly.

Hope this helps.


Ps. I created and run the "Order Printer Templates" app for Shopify, which provides store owners with better looking and customizable documents for use in the free Order Printer app. Adding in the notes is just a checkbox in the app ;)

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I have added some boxes on my product pages for customers to enter customizations to their product, but those do not print . What do I have to do to change that