Notify Shopify about fraud orders?

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So Shopify correctly flagged 3 fraud orders... all 3 were placed by same customer, they messaged us immediately after the orders to ask when their order will arrive (they're custom hand made-to-order... so obvious flag haha)... And we notified customer these orders were flagged as fraud, and minutes later asked what their name is (again, still in chat) and customer immediately blocked us on FB chat. So yep, cancel and refund it is. Thanks MrCustomer for giving yourself away lol.


Anyways, does Shopify have a page/place to submit a screenshot of this? Or just refund and move on?


I'm hoping maybe they have a place where we as merchants can submit our 'proof' to help train their AI better at catching these kinds of orders. (Of course the occasional actual fraud chargebacks we get are never on an order flagged as fraud anyways).


And sidenote, are there any good customer 'blackbook' sites yet? Been in e-com for over 10 years, still patiently waiting for someone to come up with one of these  

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Hi @Stephanie22 

The closest thing I can find is reporting a merchant for fraudulent activity ( which I understand is the opposite of what you're looking for.

I believe that a chargeback report is probably the closest event to a positive feedback loop for their fraud algorithms. They are most likely trying to limit the ways fraudsters could influence the fraud detection algorithm. If they were to allow shops to confirm or reject fraud, that would leave an opportunity for fraudsters to create stores and influence the algorithms.

But, I totally hear what you mean by a shared bad customer list. However, because of the nature of how cybercrime works, these bad actors are constantly changing their identities by using new stolen credit cards, VPNs, and bogus shipping addresses.

What is really needed is a new way to validate customers with a piece of identification that is very difficult to beat, to the point where it's not economically reasonable for a fraudster to try and beat.

This is why I built Real ID. You can verify your flagged or suspicious orders with an actual ID check. We support hundreds of countries and types of identification.

We use specialized A.I. that has been trained to recognize legitimate IDs, and can compare the face on the document against a selfie (totally optional feature).

This way we can automatically compare the billing address and/or shipping address against the ID and you have an additional piece of evidence that supports this purchase is legitimately authorized.


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