OOPS!!! theme.scss file has gone missing from my Venture Theme

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Good afternoon,

I just started a new job and have been updating their Shopify website (or trying to). I was trying to set up a local test environment (which I discovered the hard way is not possible with Shopify) while using the Motifmate tool.

I had two within my Venture theme that I had been editing from within Shopify (before deciding to make a local version): theme.scss.liquid and theme.scss.  The theme.scss file was the one that controlled all styling on the site. 

Well, I mistakenly deleted the theme.scss file in my local folder that Motifmate was pointing to, so of course that deleted the theme.scss file from the online Shopify theme editor!!  Fortunately, I made a copy of the now missing theme.scss file and went into the Shopify theme editor and tried creating a new file to replace it, but when I browse and add the replacement file, the uploader indicates that there is already a current version.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 5.02.57 PM.png

What's odd is that, as you can see, there is no current version of theme.scss in the Assets folder.  Only the theme.scss.liquid file is the there.  Even if I select "Keep Both" in the uploader, it only creates a copy (theme_Copy.scss) and if I try to rename it to theme.scss I get a red warning box saying I can't because it already exists (naturally).

Does anyone know how to upload this theme.scss file back into my theme?  Or find the current theme.scss that is apparently hiding?

Thanks in advance for any advice you all may have!