Oberlo Pricing Discrepancies with AliExpress

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Hello everybody. I am a new user of Oberlo and pick up items from AliExpress. I dont know if anybody came across the following "serious" problem

After downloading the ( high numbers of items sold) products into the import list in Oberlo - if you open the pricing for some items, they are downloaded with a very very high price. I have started checking the items on AliExpress page and compare with the downloaded page in Oberlo and results were not good at all. I suggest everybody should do this cross checking as there will be no sales. Buyers already buy directly from AE with a low rate and we who have stores can at least expect the same rate in order to survive, but extremely inflated rates, this would be the downfall of the shop.

I have contacted Oberlo who replied they would look into it and got the shopify involved......and waiting. I am also curious if anybody else experienced this anomaly.

Good luck