Offering a Coupon Code For Email Captcha

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Ive been running a Shopify store for 7 months now and whilst sales are at $2k per month now, its mainly because of shopping ads which is crippling me. Ive built up an email list of just 350 people so far and want to take the opportunity BF and CM bring to add more email captchas so, I can then market to these people with the result of reducing my ad spend. 

Im thinking instead of offering a buy one get one half price deal on my website, to offer a pop up coupon captcha offer a 1 week x 30% saving for people signing up.  Its just the first offer doesn't generate any email sign ups.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated


Thank You


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Hi @Ash271 ,


Indeed you can add more email captchas, you can use for example solutions like Socital to capture emails (free tiers available as well). I would also like to share a useful article to boost your sales in general.

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