Offering a reprint of a custom order

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I make custom designed stickers and have factored in my design time to create a first time order bundle that has an image upload as well as notes section.  This is set up exactly as I wanted it but I also want to be able to offer a "re-print" or "add on" option so they can get more if I have already created the design.  I have been googling my heart out but cannot seem to find an example of this or a solution to my problem.  

That being, I don't want someone to go onto my site and order the add on if I have never created the design for them. Does this make sense? 

Is there a way to link it to a past purchase? Or I guess if they are a returning customer I will be able to know and can find their proof in my files? I'm ok with that aspect being done on my end but just want to make sure I'm not re-funding a bunch of people that want the less expensive option. 

Hope someone can help! 

Thanks so much