Offering free sample page with discount customizations?

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Is there a way to offer a free sample page with only a single variant of your products (the sample variant) that is free, the ability to add to the cart. And if they want more than 1 quantity of a variant, then they must pay? So the first one is free. 

Reference page (sephora's free samples): 

So let's say you have 4 products A, B, C, and D that you are offering free sample variants for. Let's say all samples are $1 base cost, but the first one is free for each variant. 

Customer X wants 3 of the 4 products, A, B and C, but wants 2 of C. So Customer X ends up paying only $1. 

If Customer wants two of A and two of B, ends up paying $2. 

What's the best way to go about this? Lot of customizations, I'm guessing.