Old name is HAUNTING me.

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Hi Everyone,

My old business NAME1 was changed almost two years ago and it still is appearing on people credit card statements. It is also appearing in most apps back-end when, for instance, someone is signing up for my growth hero affiliate program. It is very confusing to customers and affiliate partners to see my old, completely different, business NAME1 instead of NAME2. 

YES, I have change all the general settings for the store to NAME2 and double checked every single possible place NAME1 could be reflected. NAME1 nowhere except my subdomain ID for Shopify. Nothing else is showing the NAME1, so it must be embedded somewhere in the code. I am aware that I can'd change NAME1.myshopify.com, but I was told the public would never see NAME1 when I changed my store name and domain. THIS WAS NOT TRUE and it has haunted me ever since.

Also, it is so frustrating that I cannot contact Shopify over the phone to discuss this with them, it is really impacting my business. Ok, I'll stop ranting now.