Old products/catalogue still showing in Instagram Shop

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I've been with this issue for a year and I like to ask for help cause it has been impossible to solve it. I asked for help IG/FB but I didn't receive any answer.

My Shopify-FB-IG catalogue are all connected, they are showing well. The issue comes with the old catalogue. Even though there is not anymore neither in FB or IG, when you click under "IG Shop" there are still products linking you to this old collection (linked to Etsy) instead of Shopify. I would love to delete them as prices are wrong and the products doesn't exist anymore.

This doesn't happen if you go under 'view shop' on the profile. Just going through the tab close to the 'IGTV, tags...'

I have already tried going under 'view shop' - edit products : but the old products/collection doesn't appear there. Apparently it is just in the IG Shop tag.

If you could help me with the issue I would be deeply grateful! Thank you so much!