Omnisend or Active Campaign?

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Omnisend is the most installed on shopify with 4.7 of 5 stars (3834reviews)

Active Campaign is third most installed with 4.7 of 5 stars (207reviews)

I never listen about Omnisend so I would like to know if it is the same of Active Campaign which I never use too but I listen that app was very good.

Thank you for your advises.

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When Mailchimp and Shopify had their "divorce" I looked at all the usual suspects out there, including the two aforementioned.

I chose Omnisend as it was built for ecom first. From day one it has always been an omnichannel platform.

It actually has 24-7 support, which you can access directly from the platform if needed. I can go on, but it's best that you jump on a trial and check it out for yourself.

The important question is what are you looking for and how can it save you time (automation), separate your customers (segmentation), are you using SMS, push notifications, FB lookalike audiences etc. How important is your abandoned cart sequence etc