On mobile phone in supply theme, how to move Sign In and Create an Account to the top of the nav bar

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I am using supply theme and it is asiasell.com.au 


In mobile-nav.liquid I move the following code from the bottom (just before the </ul> and tried it in two places near the top of the file. The Log In and Create an Account links remain at the bottom. Could somebody please help me move them. It would actually be preferable if they were in the top nav bar (in mobile view) in between the words Menu and Cart. 


Thank you





    {% if shop.customer_accounts_enabled %}
    {% if customer %}
      <li class="customer-navlink large--hide"><a href="{{ routes.account_url }}">{{ 'layout.customer.view_account' | t }}</a></li>
      <li class="customer-navlink large--hide">{{ 'layout.customer.log_out' | t | customer_logout_link }}</li>
    {% else %}
      <li class="customer-navlink large--hide">{{ 'layout.customer.sign_in' | t | customer_login_link }}</li>
      <li class="customer-navlink large--hide">{{ 'layout.customer.create_account' | t | customer_register_link }}</li>
    {% endif %}
  {% endif %}