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Hi everybody,

I need a little help, since I'm not that good with Shopify yet. Are there some way, where I can add a "On sale" sticker to a product I'm selling? And it needs to be a sticker, that I can translate into my own language (danish). Also, for products on sale, I would like to show the customer the before price, but you know, like theres a line drawn through it, and then the on sale price.

Is this possible?

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Hi there,

Thanks for your post!

Many themes show the "Sale" sticker once you put in the PRICE and the COMPARE AT PRICE for the product. You can then edit the theme language and edit the On Sale text under products and enter the text for sale in Danish.

If the edit language is not available for your theme, you can also check out one of these apps that can apply stickers onto products:

Let us know if the above works or if you're stuck at any point.


John | Shopify

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Just wanted to chime in and add-on to what John said here!

In many themes, you can go to into the Language Settings and edit what the sale tag says, but in some of them (like the Supply theme that you're using) the wording needs to be edited in the code. 

For the Supply theme in particular look for the price-sale.liquid snippet and the following code:

{% comment %}

{% if compare_price > product_price %}

Save {{ compare_price | minus: product_price | times: 100 | divided_by: compare_price | round }}%

{% endif %}

{% endcomment %}

Change "Save" to the wording of your choice. That should edit what displays in the 'compare at' field on your collections page. It'll look something like this: 


Remember to use the "compare at" field for the original price and the "price" field to the new sale price. :)


Jared | @Shopify

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Hi, I'm using the Supply theme. I wanted to know if there was a way I could change the way it displays the Sale price. Currently it gives the sale price (for example 50) and it says you save 16. The actual price is 66. But its confusing because the customer thinks you save 16 off the 50. Please help!

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Hi @Per_Frederiksen 

I'm new to the Shopify community, and I came across your question on adding a custom badge in your product catalogs. We have developed an app (
Modemagic) that will allow you to add product stickers/badges on your catalog within seconds. Check out this app on Shopify here.

We have an extensive collection of stickers/badges suiting to any need. No complex edits, no back & forth with designers. Update your store within a few minutes! 
Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 8.22.12 PM.pngScreenshot 2020-06-09 at 8.22.24 PM.png

Don’t find a sticker that meets your need, reach out to us on chat for a custom design! We also create stickers in various languages.


Hope this helps :) Do let me know if you need any help.


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