One Product Store vs General Store: Which Is Better & Why?

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Guys pls tell me which is best

One product or General store???

i am going with general store

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Hey there @prabha-karan!


Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for your post! I'd be happy to offer my recommendations when it comes to choosing what products to sell in your store.


While there definitely are businesses that are successful as a 'general store', many merchants will find that choosing a specific niche proves to be more effective for their business. The reason for this is if you're selling too wide of a range of products, it will be harder to determine who your target market is and thus target to them appropriately. Identifying who your target market is key for marketing. If you're selling backpacks, women's clothing, toys, and iPhone accessories, your target market would include backpack wearers (perhaps students, or people that use laptops or books), women, children, and iPhone users. If you focus on one niche, such as toys, then you have a much simpler and clearer market target: people with children in their lives. 


Although I recommend choosing a product to sell that you're personally passionate about, not everyone takes that route. If you're passionate, it becomes harder to give up when things get hard, and only through perseverance comes success. If you're not sure on what products or niche to sell, I suggest checking out our How to Find a Product to Sell Online guide. We also have a handy blog post that offers some tips on finding profitable niches to sell that you might be interested in reading. 


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.




Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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