One-on-One Shopify Coaching over Skype

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Hey guys, 

If you are serious about your Shopify success, you might want to consider hiring a coach. I see many people here who struggle to make sales or want to give up because they're not seeing the results they want. A personal coach can help point out why you're failing and 1 simple adjustment could mean the difference between giving up or running a 6-figure business!

Besides answering questions and giving tips to improve your store, a Shopify coach keeps you accountable for your results and keeps you on track with your goals. 

We have a few more coaching spots available for those who are interested and serious about their Shopify success. If you

  • Have an ad budget of at least $500 to test with
  • Are serious about your Shopify success
  • Are willing to listen and take action

...then you can sign up. You can find more info and enroll at



Koen West from

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