Online Custom Product Store - Setting up Set Up Charges

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I have an online store that sells custom printing items. The store involes having set-up charges on top of the price. For example 50-100 items cost $5 each plus $50 setup. For the same product 101-250 cost $4 plus $50 set-up. How would I add $50 to the item. The website is 


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Hi there may be Shopify app developer can help you out with that. I think you have need a custom application to achieve that 

Ash Ome

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Hey Anthony!

I moved your thread into Shopify Discussion! I think I'll get a little more attention here. :)

Hope this helps!

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Hi Anthony.

It looks like Ashiquzzaman might be right. From a quick search, I came across this app: Product Fees with fixed product fee options for $10 a month and lifetime support. There may alternatives in the store, but that was just a quick search in Shopify's app store, on my part.

Good luck!