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Please can you assist me? (Desperate for a clever solution)
I am using Debut theme and products are automatically loaded into store through Prodigi. I have spent two weeks back and forth with prodigi head of product, and they say a Shopify solution is required.
Collections page -   Products - 

I am using POD to sell photographs. I am selling in 5 media options - Canvas, Fine Art Print, Framed and Mounted Print, Framed Canvas, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Print.
Products appear 5 times per image. Collections were autogenerated per image uploaded. e.g. Aligning - includes its 5 products.

If I choose a collection to feature - it shows one image 5 times.
So it would be ideal to show collection themes like Seascapes, Landscapes, Abstracts & Street, Flora & Fauna.

Usually, the intuitive way to choose and buy any art online is this:
see thumbnails > choose one you like > choose media option > choose size > add to cart

How on earth do I achieve this?  THIS IS SIMPLE? Surely? And yet I can't find a solution. 

I have started trying to create collections from collections menu by creating a page menu - using this tutorial
However - this doesn't resolve how I would have featured collections that feed onto home page or Instagram or facebook?
Tagging - I cannot get my head around how this would resolve my problem.

I am going crazy. I am not a coder - but am willing to fiddle with code and copy paste.

Please can somebody help me? And at this stage - No, I don't have a big budget to hire a company. It is me, myself and I.
Thanks in advance