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I have an online sneaker consignment store ReUpPhilly as well as a physical location. My online store is not displaying the right product when you search for a specific size.

If you search for size 9 as an exmple the results show anything with a 9 in it.

Such as it shows actual size 9 sneakers but also shows an Air Jordan 9 size 11

I have added specific tags to all items. Each individual item is tagged with the size, sneaker model, consigner, brand new or used and the nickname of the sneaker.

Any help would be amazing.





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Most search functions work that way. The search will match all instances form product description.

Many online stores have a filter that allow users to check specific options like size, price range, colors... Tags can be of use with something like that. In that way the match can be done exactly. tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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Hey Nate,
Great to see a fellow sneaker consignment owner in the Shopify Forum. Are you still running ReUP Philly on Shopify?
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