Only show certain product variations in a collection

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Hi guys,


I'm struggling with a bit of customisation on our store and hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.


We have a large number of products with multiple variations for prints. The 3 options being Size, Material and Frame.


We have just added a new size to our range and created a Collection with products that are able to go to that size.


My question is... from that collection is it possible to only show the new size variation when a product is clicked?


For example, a standard product would have:

Size: C / D / E / F / G and now H

Material: Photo / Canvas

Frame: None / Black / White


If someone clicks on a product from the new H Collection, we only want the customer to be able to select:

Size: H

Material: Canvas

Frame: None / Black / White


I saw something regarding the {{ collection.url }} function, but not sure how I would use this... anybody had experience with implementing anything similar or any ideas?


Many thanks in advance.