Only show specific variants in a collection

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Hi there,


I've been trying to find a suitable solution for my case, but so far everything is far from ideal.


Let's say I have a product in 5 different variants (blue, red, yellow, white, black) and want to create a collection that only shows the black & white variants as I want to put them on sale. I found no way of efficiently doing this.


My collection will always show all 5 colours, which confuses the customer as only black & white are on sale. But it is also quite limiting from a design/marketing perspective. 


One solution I have come up with is to "duplicate" the products with a different URL handle and only import the black & white styles. This will however mess around with inventory.


One thing I noted was when creating a discount code I am able to select specific products as well as variants. Why is this feature not available when creating collections manually?!


Any thoughts or solutions for my case?!

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This would also be a great feature for our store. We also discounted some variants but we are not able to market them and our customers are confused. Any thoughts on this?