Open 2 months and struggling with low conversion rate

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My name is Jack, and two months ago I opened hoo-gah, a Scandinavian homeware store selling premium throws, cushions and candles. This my first time getting into ecommerce and running my own store online. I have a background in design so I feel confident about the brand and the website and have also had good feedback on the collection, but have still been struggling with pretty low conversion rates:


1.13% added to cart

0.42% reached checkout

0.18% made a purchase


Given the money I'm spending on storage, Shopify and testing various marketing techniques (competitions / GoogleAds / Pinterest / magazine ads) the store is currently not profiteable. I've been trying to optimize SEO by myself, so it is by no means perfectly-tuned, but I've reached the point where I'm not sure what to spend my energy on to drive more traffic to the site and increase conversions.


Other stats seem pretty healthy over the last month (although I wonder how skewed they are by posts like these!):

2,000 sessions (20% returning) 

3.2 pages / session

40% bounce rate

2:30 min average duration


If anyone has any advice or practical steps I can take to get things off the ground I would really appreciate it - I would *love* to be able to turn this into a successful business!

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Hey Jack,

Your website is good but to improve conversions, here is a list of suggestions:

  • Use a subscribe popup and if a user subscribes, give a decent amount of discount. It's a great opprtunitity to upsell other products to them through email marketing
  • Start investing on Facebook as it's quite popuplar these days and it's a possiblitity to generate upto 1000 pounds business on daily basis

I’d like to develop a complete online marketing strategy to increase conversions but would like to understand your business.

Let me know when would be a good time to have a short discussion.



Chris H.

Hi Jack, let me offer you my two sense here. You mentioned you have done a little bit of SEO, but what do you mean by that? SEO goes far beyond the scope of adding page titles, meta descriptions and image alt texts. 

For example, what are your target keywords? What keywords do you want to rank highest in Google when someone searches? You need to identify your target market to a fine degree, and push your efforts towards that niche. You need to build a better backlink profile. I checked in Ahrefs and see that you only have 1 indexed backlinks, but it's a nofollow link. This means Google doesn't use it when considering your rank and it's not benefiting you. If you build great backlinks, you wouldn't need to break the bank with ads since your organic traffic would greatly increase.

I also strongly recommend you purchase a domain - they're pretty cheap, between $3 to $15. Your numbers say that less than half of people who added items to their cart went to the checkout, then only half of them actually checked out. Having a domain name would help make the customer buying from your store and increase your conversion.

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Hi Jack!:

If you are running Adwords currently, you should considerer downloading our app! We are a company recognized by Google as Google Partners. Our application will create and run the Adwords campaigns for you, optimizing the impact and your daily budget, we will also create customized banners for you... and more stuffs! All this is for free!

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Hi Jack! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your website is excellent, you use good quality images and inform visitors of your offer above the fold.
You use great color filters for your niche. My suggestion would be to lose the £10 OFF promo overlay from your featured image on your homepage.
It only lowers your product perception. 
People are not hunting for deals when buying Scandinavian decor. They are looking for something unique and different.


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Hi Maggie,

Thanks for the feedback :) I've taken your suggestion of losing the promo and have replaced it with more general news... I think it succeeds at maintaining the product perception - thanks!


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Edit: I just took a look at your services.

One change I've been thinking about making to my site is to display the delivery options and discount code box at the Cart page, as I think some potential customers are discouraged by having to go further in the checkout process to find out total costs... is editing the payment process something that is possible, or is this protected by Shopify?



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This is not going to change anything, but consider a proof reader for your copy.  I noticed this:

Lighting a few carefully placed candles around a room is the simplest way to create an inviting, cosy hygge filled atmosphere. No one understands this better than the Danes, who get through more candles per capita than any other country in Europe, making them the essential Scandi home accessory.

First, I got stuck on "hygge," which is a strange looking work.

Then, I bottomed out on "making them the essential..."  Grammatically, "them" refers to Danes, not candles, and this is a very strange idea. 

Better:  Use a period after "Europe." Then, start again with "Candles are the essential ..."


By the way, I have no idea of what "50/50" means in those pillows called that.