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Hi! We would like to integrate Shopify into our physical store, leveraging the POS application along with ecommerce. I was wondering if it was possible, however, to open an account for a customer. I'll give you an example: the customer comes to the shop and buys 100 euros of goods, paying only 20. He comes back, and buys 200 euros of goods, paying 50 euros. Now, is there any way I can see that this client still owes me 150 + 70 euros in total? Can you, when you return to the shop, pay 100 euros and can I deduct it from your "account"?

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Hi @essemet 

With a customer list, store owners you can send individual account invites, create customer groups and many other things to build relationships with customers. But before all that, you need to add customers to your list. Try to take a look at our guide on adding a customer to your Shopify store here: 

Hope it helps!

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