OpenID Connect or Multipass help please

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I am a little new to Shopify and the available API's but have a keen interest on the availability of OpenId Connect.


Our client runs an existing Shopify site and would like to expand to a cloud (Azure) platform for future capability increase. They have built the website almost entirely using the built-in capability along with apps from the Shopify store.


We want to be able to allow single sign-on for customers that sign in via various platforms (Not just the Shopify site) and get access to their customer api-related details. We are therefore moving the customers (not the merchant) into Azure AD and would like to provide a single-sign on experience. 


Can you please advise on the following:
1) Where can I find more information regarding your implementation on OpenId Connect? If I can add shopify as a trusted source and configure it for federation, I can fairly easily gain other words, I would be able to out of the box configure delegated authentication for the site running in Shopify to authenticate users that are stored in MS Azure. 

2) Multipass might work but I may misunderstand something here. Multipass is a "pass-through" system where the customer details are created in Shopify but authentication runs/happens somewhere else. This would mean that I have to run code as described here: to achieve the pass-through. The only problem is that the site is hosted with Shopify and, as mentioned, built with OOTB Shopify components. How can I extend this website to run the multipass code? Do I create my own App or do how can I achieve this?

3) What does this Shopify App do?




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Where you able to achieve what you were looking for?

I'm facing a similar scenario.


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Me, too.

I am trying to find how to use shopify as idp.

The only article i found so far ix

without any details how is that supposed to be used.

Can someone from Shopify help here?


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Hey @clandestino_bgd any luck?

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Hello there,


You can check out miniOrange Single Sign On - SSO Login Application which comes with capability to allow users in different Identity Providers like Azure AD/B2C, AWS Cognito , OKTA, OneLogin and any other IDP which support SAML , OAuth2.0, JWT , Open ID to have SSO into Shopify with their exiting Identity Provider credentials .

Moreover their Application have capability to turn your Shopify Store Customer base into IDP itself that is you can allows shopify users to login into other platform like wordpress, zendesk , freshdesk, Canvas LMS, Docebo , Thinkific , SalesForce and many more applications with their existing shopify store credentials . You can use Shopify as IDP via there application . Click here to checkout more details or reach out to them on