Opened store last month, haven't made any sales

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The only sales made were in person, not on our online store. We also spent money on Facebook and Instagram ads. Made no sales online and we're hitting two months soon. Advertised on Facebook and Instagram mainly, also branched out on snapchat. I lightly treaded into Pinterest and Twitter, but activity isn't as lively as it is on Instagram. Also posted on Facebook Marketplace and Let Go. I would like some tips, because I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong and this can't all go to waste. 

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Hey, there!

My name is Dallas, I'm from the Social Care Team here at Shopify!

The first steps to making sales on your online store can be tricky. From the sounds of it, you are putting a lot of work in to get your site seen and to make sales, so congratulations on that. 

Facebook ads can be quite intricate so before I go any further I will give you this blog that breaks down those intricacies and gives the Introduction to Facebook ads.

The main general targeting points of Facebook ads are Age, Gender, Interest, and Location. Before you set up your ads you are going to want to try and make those ads as specific as possible. Rather than a very generalized market like "10-50 year-old Men & Females", try something like "12-25 year-old females". This will showcase your ad to a target that will more likely be interested in going to your site and purchasing your products.

Another form of targeting is by location. To find the region that you would want to direct your ads to, I would suggest looking at Google Trends. This allows you put in a keyword (in this case you would put in what you are selling) and see what the popularity chart of that product has been over time and what regions of the world have shown the most interest. That should help you to bring the right audience to your site.

You may also want to take a look at increasing your site traffic in ways that are not related to Facebook ads.

I suggest you go through your sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure that is fully optimized. SEO can be a complicated and daunting task, but this blog breaks it down to the basics. I also recommend looking at this video series on how to make SEO work for you.

Even though you are using social media ads I recommend still making the most of your social media profiles. Captivating posts on Facebook and Instagram can really help drive the traffic of your site, and in turn, increase your conversion rate. With the products that you are selling you should look into influencer marketing. This will really help to showcase your products to more people on Social Media. 

The last bit of information that I will share is this blog: 5 High-Impact Strategies for Getting More Traffic. It should really be a big help to bring more potential customers to your site. 

These options I think could really help you grow your business. I hope that's helped! Please feel free to let me know, and you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time. We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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I prefer you to go for Digital Marketing for your Store. Which includes everything like 
– to increase brand awareness, Organic results, promote company products or services and to drive prospects to conversions

Which will be done through all the sources like SEO, SMO etc.