Optimizing PayPal Guest Payment experience?

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Since I would like to start using only PayPal as my payment gateway - I would like to optimize it to shorten any friction when it comes to User experience.


By using only PayPal I would let my US customers have two payment options, PayPal account payment & PayPal guest payment.


When a user comes to checkout, and a step where he/she chooses a payment option - how can make these two options appear to my customers? I'm providing you with a screenshot of how it would ideally look like:SS.PNG

Where, of course, a Credit Card option would lead Customers to a PayPal Guest Payment option.


I've found a post where one of your users have made it, but he is facing some other problem on his particular topic: https://community.shopify.com/c/Payments-Shipping-Fulfillment/How-can-I-add-the-credit-card-logos-ne...


This option would really mean a lot to my business, so please guide me on how can I make it.


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I have the same problem ... anyone know something about it ?