Order Confirmation Emails gotta go. Let's vote!

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I've been using Shopify to scale my store from $0 - $100k+ revenue. And let me just say that Shopify is an AMAZING platform. It offers a lot of things with such simplicity and ease, it truly is a life-saver for less tech-savvy business owners that want to get their online shops up and running asap! 

That being said, it's not without flaws. I recently moved to take my shop and turn it into a full-fledged brand, and this is when I started hitting the "invisible walls" of their sandbox so to say. I stopped basking in the glory of pre-built, and started navigating the endless deserts of "customize it fully".

I won't discuss other things here, because I want to focus on the Order Confirmation email that's being sent out to my customers with the most basic customization possible, and no way to stay unique. What's worse - you can't turn them off! 

I'm big on brand image. I do not want Shopify to literally force me to edit my emails in HTML because there's no email builder, and furthermore - give me an ultimatum where it's either their Order Confirmation emails or no emails at all. 

I want the ability to customize the template (and no, your text field is not considered "customization"), and I want the ability to disable them completely in favor of another email provider such as Klavyio, MailChimp or something else. 

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to move my store. But I will, and yes, a 1 email is worth it when you're trying to turn your vision into a reality. 

I understand that Shopify considers those emails as proof of purchase - a receipt if you will, but that's none of my business. My business is my ability to present my brand to my customers the way I want it to. And there's no room for Shopify order confirmation email in there. 

I want those emails as a part of a flow, I want them to be different based on each customer (new vs. returning), I want to give a 20% lifetime discount to every person who bought for 5+ times. I want OPTIONS. 

So, in my frustration that such a simple feature became such a headache, I want to call a vote on Shopify's forums so that Shopify sees this and takes into consideration that there are two types of people - those who don't care about it, and those who will (eventually) leave Shopify in favor of some more customizable platform. And I do believe that a step in the right direction would be for them to realize just how meaningful such a small thing can be. 

Vote by liking this post. Nothing more. And I truly hope that Shopify takes this seriously, as this topic has been on this forum for over 5 years now.