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One of the things I find really frustrating, on the Shopify site as well as the Android app, is the order history.

I can handle it telling me there are orders dated "Today", and even "Yesterday", but it also tells me "Monday", "Sunday", "Saturday", "Friday" and even "Thursday".  Only if they are more than a week old (it seems), does it actually tell me the date rather than the day of the week.

Given that it's now July 5th, I have some June orders showing up as "Thursday" and "Friday", and I need to go somewhere else (or open one of the orders) to find out what the actual date was.

Is there any way to get Shopify to be consistent and show me the dates for ALL orders?  I find it really amateurish to be told that I had an order 'last Friday', without knowing if that was this month or last.  Yes, I know I can work it out for myself, but why can't Shopify just tell me?

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Hey Piers,

It should only be showing the day (mon, tues, wed ...) if the order is less than a week old. There is no way that I know of to change this currently. 

I would recommend checking your store's general settings to make sure you have the correct time zone selected however, if you're noticing a bit of a delay in the change-over. 

Go to your Shopify admin > settings > general > scroll down to "standards & formats" > change time zone > save changes.

Hope this helps! :)

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I wish this was changed already. I prefer the date too instead of Monday, Tue, for the last week. "yesterday" is fine, but other than that it is confusing and frustrating 

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This has been driving me crazy lately! From a business standpoint, actual dates would be ideal - instead of Tues, Weds, Thursday. You then have to count back in your head how many days it has been since the customer ordered something and it takes way too much time if you're in a hurry. Please change this! Thanks.