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I just got my first order in my site and the problem is that when i click the "Order product" in Oberlo any pop up show up. It's just loading and nothing is happening.  Can you help me please I dont' know what i did wrong . I will insert a screen of the loading .Capture d’écran 2019-02-10 à 00.16.45.pngLoading problem

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Hi @kim291! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I think it's best that you contact Oberlo support regarding this. Also, have you had the chance to check Spocket out? I'm not saying our platform doesn't come with any flaws - it rarely happens and when it does, is fixed immediately. Similarly, when inquiries like this do arise, a member from the team is always ready to reach out to help you out, like what I'm doing now with this response to your post. I do hope that Oberlo was able to reach out and help you in some way, though!


Besides the points stated above, I mentioned Spocket because I'd also like to invite you to check it out. Given the time you posted this, I assume you're still using Oberlo. Despite this though, I'd recommend expanding your dropshipping app options  - starting with Spocket. It's also a dropshipping app like Oberlo but offers more and can make you do more. Here are just some of the features of the platform:


  • Access to thousands of products from suppliers based in the EU and the US - this entails products made available to you are only of excellent quality.
  • Given the geographical set-up, shipping times are also generally faster. Depending on your business set-up, items on Spocket can ship in 1-3 days, 3-5 days, or 4-7 days.
  • Easy-to-use features such as smart filters, product importing, and automated orders.
  • 24/7 customer support




If these piqued your interest, you can learn about all the other features that the platform can offer you by visiting Spocket's official website. There you will find all the info you need to know about the app, and why Spocket is a dropshipping platform you should consider using. All the best and hope you can find the time to check us out!