Order fulfillment from multiple location

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Hi there,


We have 3 different warehouses, 2 on the east coast, 1 on the west.

One of the warehouses on the east coast is the "Main shipping origin", and the other two are marked as "Fulfill orders from this location".


When a customer places an order, if the items is available in all 3 warehouses, it will default to the "main" one on the east coast, regardless of where the customer is actually located.


This make shipping quite the problem (expensive and longer) for west coast customers.


With our previous online store, this was the default behavior (which makes sense), with Shopify however.... this isn't the case.

Is there a way to make Shopify fulfill an order based on the customer location / ship to address ?


Thank you,




Hi Tommy,


You might want to take a look at our app www.shipatron.io - it integrates with Shopify and is able to route orders based on:

- Customer geography

- Shipping method

- Product type


It's easy to install and there's a free forever plan which will help you get a sense of whether its right for you. Hope this helps!



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Tommy: I am looking for a solution to this too. It's crazy that this is not built into Shopify in some way. For example, we could like default locations to the zones. Ugh. Please let us know if you find something that works simply for this.