Order partially paid / authorizing charge for new total

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When we receive an order, and we are out of a product that was requested we will update the order with a similar product. If the product cost more - we are unable to charge the customer for more than the original amount. What happens is when we edit the order, and add the new product worth more, a dialogue box pops up asking if we want the send the customer an invoice for the balance due. We click yes, and then capture payment for the original amount. (If we type in the new total, which is larger than the authorized amount, we cannot charge the card. We can only charge for the authorization amount or less)


Usually what happens though, is the customer never pays the invoice, and we get left with an order stuck in "partial payment" status, and we have to reach out to the customer asking them to pay the remaining balance. This doesn't look good, as we're usually asking the customer to pay a $3 invoice for a $600 order. Sometimes we just mark it as paid and take the loss rather than bother the customer.


I cannot find ANY information on this regarding to shopify or Authorize.net.


Does anyone know why this happens? Why am I not able to charge the customer the new updated total, and if that's not possible, is there a better solution to trying to capture the final balance owed? There is no button to send a reminder or notification/email, which would be very helpful.

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Also looking for an answer to this - we have customers call in after placing an order and want to add on. The ability to authorize a new, higher amount would be great - I know you would need customer approval to do so, but maybe sending them a confirmation email for a new total would fix that? Would be extremely helpful.

The workaround for us is to just place a new order and then ship them together in one box, but it seems silly that we can't edit an order and then capture that new higher total.