Organizing blogs in a Blog Menu (Not the main menu)

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Is it possible or is there an app available to create a blog menu to organize your blogs, this would make it easier for readers to get to them and find what they are looking for!  If there is a way, I would love to hear it, I know I can get a dev to go into the code and create one, create if this then this statements to move blogs by their tags, hopefully someone has already built something for this.




Hi Travis, some themes do support basic organizing using tags (on top or as side bar).

If you are looking for something more advanced like a filtering system, you can consider trying out the Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO app. I built this app catering to exactly your use cases, currently we have customers who use it to enhance their recipes, guidelines, user interviews blog posts. There is a 5 days free trial, so you can always try first to see if it suits you.

Below is a screenshot on how it could look:



Dropdown Filters for Shopify Blog Posts and Articles
Better Blog posts discovery experience | Setup blog article filters easily now with tags.