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Hi All, i new to shopify just setting up my store and i am only going to use paypal express checkout for my store which i have activated. now i have question if i go to product page it shows Add to Card & Pay by Paypal button but it also have option as More Payment Options so why is that if i just have Paypal and i click that it take me to checkout page where i have paypal express check out or fill billing details and coScreenshot 2019-09-17 at 3.29.44 PM.pngntinue to payment. ideally i should just have paypal option at checkout.

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Hi, @sooraj84


My name is Rae and I work for Shopify. Thank you for reaching out with this question, and welcome to the Shopify Community! 


It sounds like you have dynamic checkout buttons enabled on your site, which is why the 'Pay with PayPal'  buttons are displayed on your product pages, like you mentioned. However, in order to look into this further, I will need to check out your product pages specifically. So that I can do this, can you please share your URL with me here? 


In the meantime though, the 'Add to Cart'  buttons that you're seeing are enabled by default on all product pages. The text on these buttons can be edited to be more direct and specific, though. So, rather than these buttons saying 'Add to Cart', we can edit them to say 'Pay with PayPal'  or 'Buy with PayPal'  instead. To edit this text, please head into the Language Editor on your site by following these steps: 


  1. Login to your Shopify admin. 
  2. Click on 'Online Store > Themes'
  3. On your current theme, click 'Actions > Edit Languages'
  4. Click on 'Products'  at the top of the editor. 
  5. Scroll down the page to the 'Product'  section, and under 'Add to cart'  edit the text here to say 'Buy with PayPal' , or whichever other phrasing you prefer to use. It will look like this:



This will change the buttons on your product pages to look like this, for example: 



It's also important to note that if you make this edit in the Language Editor, and keep the dynamic checkout buttons enabled on your site, there will be two buttons on the product pages that both read 'Buy with PayPal', which may create confusion for customers. With this in mind, if you plan on changing the button text through the Language Editor, then I recommend ensuring the dynamic checkout buttons on your site are disabled, so that only the built-in 'Add to Cart'  button that now states 'Buy with PayPal'  is visible


You also mentioned that customer's billing details are still required on your checkout, despite PayPal being enabled on your site. This is because our checkout is a secure form that can't be edited to remove this option. Customers who wish to bypass entering in their billing details can select the express checkout PayPal option at the top of the checkout on the billing details page, like in your screenshot. However, for customers who fill in their billing details and click 'Continue to payment', they will still be presented with the PayPal payment option on the next page of the checkout. 


So that I can test this out further and check on your specific set up though, please share the URL of your site with me here. Once I receive this, I can take a closer look at things.  


Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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