Our Amazon Listings are not Showing Up in Searches

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Our website, usedcardboardboxes.com, has had all of our products listed on Amazon for several years prior to moving to a Shopify site. Since we did not have UPCs generated for some of the changes we made, we recreated all of our Amazon listings so that our Shopify store and Amazon would be able to sync correctly. However, now that we have done that, even directly searching our company name of Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc. or clicking on the "Brand" section for one of our listings will pull up the products correctly. Is there anything that can be seen that we have done incorrectly vs our Shopify and Amazon listings and is there any advice that you have?

Also, has anyone had similar issues after moving from a previously "unique" website to Shopify with products not being visible easily on Amazon?

Some example products:

Shopify - 3 Bedroom Moving Kit Listing

Amazon - 3 Bedroom Moving Kit Listing

Shopify - 20 Medium Moving Boxes

Amazon - 20 Medium Moving Boxes