Out of Stock notifications and pre orders

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Hello is there coding or an app I can add that will allow a customer to put in their email to be notified when an item is back in stock. even better to allow them to purchase the item as a pre order but in a way that they know they are purchasing an out of stock item and it will take more shipping time to get to them? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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This is an accepted solution.

Hello KKB,

You can try some of the apps listed here according to your requirement.


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Hi @KKB ,

We're set up for this situation, where you would like to collect interest or orders, but you don't currently have stock.

I run an app called PreProduct that lets you capture customer orders now, but collect payment later on when you're ready.
We also include shipping date like you mention and have an email campaign which you can use to keep your customers in the loop.

This is the wording one of our customers uses to explain it on their store:
"No commitment, no hassle and no payment required until your item is ready to ship. Shop to secure your purchase now."

You can grab it in the Shopify AppStore, or email me at oli@preproduct.io if you've got some further questions/would like a demo etc.




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