Over 1,390 sessions and 4 sales in 5 weeks! Help!

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Hey everyone, New here!

I launched a store just over 5 weeks ago now and got a few sales yesterday and during the week. This is after sending a few Products out to some people I know on Instagram.

I currently have Facebook ads running and deactivated google ppc About 10 days ago. I’m still seeing rough 50-90 sessions per day! I haven’t made any sales yet through these.
My Target audience is correct. I have someone Experienced helping me with this so I think they know what they are doing!

I think my store looks ok, I think my product page could do with some editing but I’m not able to do this. I’m currently using narrative theme and there is only so much that can be done.

If any body with experience has any suggestions on my store, it would mean a lot! Cheers. :)

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link to store appreciated.

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Sorry, I forgot to paste it in my last message. https://fitxco.com/
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Hello Juls


I'm Marina from Canada. I hope you are doing well. I read your post and checked out your website to see what was generating so much interest! If you don't mind, may i offer a little constructive feedback?


I like your product; it is very timely with everyone spending a lot of time coach surfing these last few weeks.


1. Your home page starts off enticing, however it might help to just list a few really key benefits that grab people's emotions right away. As I said above, a lot of people have packed on the pounds during covid and the gyms haven't reopened yet. Also, many people don't even like going to the gym. I like that you compared the quality of your product with your competitors. What makes your product different from other resistance bands? 


2. You've provided lots of explanations. I can see that you've worked really hard on your text, however sometimes less is more. Some of the text might be better in the manual that comes with the product.


3. Descriptive white text on a black background is hard to read, especially small text. Maybe bump the text up a size and vary to background from black.


4. Call to actions - make them bigger! See Details! Buy now! Price! ... shout it out so people don't have to search. This is a good place for white text on coloured background. Also, Free International Shipping? That's a bonus you'll want to highlight.


5. And finally, have a native English speaker proof your website for language flow. 


I hope this helps. Good luck to you.



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Hello @JulsT 


Congratulations for your store! I hope you're doing well in these difficult times. 


I was going through your website and saw a couple of things that can be made better. So I thought I'd share them with you. 


  1. On your product page, next to the Add to Cart button there is a long scroll of images and texts that talk about the product features. This is really tough to read since it takes up only a single column. I would suggest that you change the alignment of this column. Let it cover the full width of the screen so the user doesn't have to scroll so much to get to the end of it or reduce the font of the text. 
  2. The FAQ section is currently empty. It'll be a good idea to add a few questions here. You can also use this section to bust some myths about resistance bands (if any).
  3. In the footer section, add the about us and contact us sections so that people can find out about you and reach out to you from anywhere on the homepage.
  4. The colour combination of red and purple becomes a bit tough to read. You can either make the text bold or change the colour to improve the contrast.
  5. You could also try using some product labels to show a sale or a discount you're running. This generally captures the shopper's attention very quickly and makes them more likely to explore the product. I added an example below. You can always check more styles here


I hope this is useful for you. 


All the best!


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