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Hello there.

I have 20 clients all use Shopify on the $79.99 plan.

I was wondering, is there a way to link all the accounts to one dashboard for viewing all the data together (revenue/sales etc), rather than having to generate the reports separately per Shopify domain?

Is there a Plan I can go on, where I pay $X amount per month, and it bring all the clients into one dashboard for myself, but they have their own separate logins where they can only see/access their own individual stores?

I am not sure if I maybe set it all up wrong.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi @andy-mira ,

I am John from Report Pundit app.

Report Pundit has an option to Integrate Multiple shops and create unified reports of all your stores. Many Shopify merchants use this feature in Report Pundit.

We have 14 days free trial to test the app. Our support team can set up any type of custom report unique to your business. 
You can reach me at support@reportpundit.com 
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