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Hi there

I am currently using vend and finding it a little expensive and thinking about switching to Shopify.  I have used Shopify previously just with the ipad POS and integration with a website and worked well.

I have an ipad and PC with 2 separate registers and wanting to use the POS on both.  Just wondering if anyone has used the PC POS with Shopify as i thought it didn't have one and when i was looking only Vend had this option for a PC POS.

Also want to be able to use the following and wanting the best free apps to do so.

  • integration with ebay store
  • integration to sell on facebook & instagram
  • customer loyalty rewards program

If anyone can help let me know.

Mustang & Co Saddlery

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Hi @mustangcosaddle, I'm Neomi from RIse.ai app,

We specialized in Gift Cards and Loyalty Store Credit solutions, Rise is fully integrated with Shopify POS - you can create automated rules and reward your customers for buying at your store.

Here's a video with some information about our rewards and loyalty program, you can check our POS one here



Check out our listing page and feel free to contact me at info@rise.ai