PDF Opens Blank

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Hi, I'm trying to add PDF's to my shopify website but they open up to a blank page. 

I have a link working correctly that goes to another website already, but when I try to do the same thing with PDF's it doesn't work.

I tried using the original PDF url in the "link to" field and I also tried uploading the PDF to my shopify files and inserting that url to the "link to" field.

This is what it looks like when the PDF is opened both ways.

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Hey Aaron,

I can open that PDF url here aok.

  • Have you tried different browsers to help rule out possible issues with your Chrome installation?
  • Have you disabled extensions (or running in incognito mode) to make sure they are not block the file?
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Hmm weird, it works fine on firefox, but not on chrome or internet explorer. Not using incognito, don't think extensions are disabled.